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      TopRx has partnered with Express222™ to process CII online orders. Express222™ is the simplest, most cost-effective answer for eliminating the paper Form 222 and ensuring DEA compliance. This Web-based Controlled Substance Ordering System (CSOS) delivers all the benefits of electronic controlled substance ordering and fulfillment with some surprising differences:

      1. No complex system configurations or EDI requirements; 
      2. No cumbersome setup wizards or profiles; 
      3. No forced changes to your current operational processes; and 
      4. No requirement to integrate to existing in-house solutions.

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      Customer Guide to CSOS Enrollment

      The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Controlled Substance Ordering System (CSOS) allows for secure electronic transmission of Schedule I-V controlled substance orders without the supporting paper Form 222. The electronically transmitted order contains a digital version of a traditional written signature. The digital signature is accomplished through the use of a computer file known as a Digital Certificate.

      Testing Digital Certificate in Internet Explorer?

      To verify that your digital certificate is installed in Internet Explorer, you can test it to make sure it’s ready to be used with TopRx’s Express222 ordering system. Simply go to the Web site at http://www.express222.com and run the certificate test. The test will allow you to safely sign a  “dummy” order that does not actually get transmitted.

      Placing an Order 

      1. Once you are notified by your TopRx, LLC. Account Manager that your account is set up please go to www.express222.com and insert your DEA # as the username and select the “I forgot” link next to the password field. This will walk you through a series of steps so you can set up your own password. To do this you need to know your username (DEA#) and email address. 
      2. You must be using Windows Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher and should have Active X controls enabled. If Active X Control is not installed the computer will automatically prompt for a download. 
      3. Once you are logged on to Express222 you are now ready to create your order by clicking the “My e222 Orders” link. Select from this page “Create a New Order” link and create your order by entering values in the quantity field provided next to each SKU. When finished creating your order you then click the “Save Form and Continue” button. 
      4. This should take you to the “Order Disposition” screen which allows you to update any personal contact information (email address for confirmation and phone number where you can be contacted). The order can be sent now by clicking the “Send Order Now” button or sent at a later time by clicking the “Save and Exit Without Sending” button. 
      5. After submitting the order, you should be prompted to select a valid Digital Certificate to electronically sign the order. If you are currently using CSOS software then you will have this certificate in your computer already. If you have only used the paper DEA 222 forms you will need to apply to the DEA for your digital certificate and you should have it in 4-6 weeks. See your Account Manager for details. 
      6. Once you select your certificate you will be asked to submit your password. This password is one you created for the use of your certificate and is only known by the registered user. 
      7. The digital certificate is immediately reviewed. If valid, the order is complete and you are provided with a confirmation screen that provides you with a unique tracking number. You will also receive an email confirmation of the items you have requested. 
      8. Once TopRx, LLC. confirms the order in the Express222 system you can view from your Express222 site what items were requested and what items are shipping. 
      9. TopRx, LLC. will process the order and send to your DEA registered address. 
      10. For your next order, you simply log back onto the Express222 site with your username (DEA#) and password created doing your first log in (Step 1 above). You can now begin at #3 above to complete your subsequent orders. 
      11. For any issues or questions, please email support@legisym.com together with your Account Manager. Support personnel will email or call you ASAP regarding the answers to your questions.